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East Devon Scaffolding Ltd is proud to offer customers the latest state of the art scaffolding design technology from SMART Scaffolder. SMART Scaffold is advanced scaffolding design software which creates 3D drawings of scaffolding plans.

Traditionally qualified engineers have been required to draw up scaffold plans which are compliant with relevant regulations. This can be a costly but unavoidable exercise. Now, with the aid of SMART Scaffold, we can generate accurate and detailed scaffold designs at a fraction of the cost of employing an engineer to draw up plans. As a result, our customers can save money while maintaining fully compliant with both TG20 and health and safety regulations.


scaffolding design on smart scaffold design software

Benefits of SMART Scaffolder Design Software

SMART Scaffolding is industry leading design software which provides a host of benefits such as:

Creates 3D CAD drawings which enable clients to view and amend the scaffolding design before it is erected
Generates materials lists
Detailed material lists mean we can accurately quote for scaffolding jobs
Ensures scaffolding design meets TG20:13 regulations and generates a compliance report
Generated drawings can be presented to HSE inspectors when required

The Scaffold Design Process

Initially, we will perform a customer consultation followed by a site survey. During the site survey, we will collect data which we can translate into the SMART Scaffold design software.

SMART Scaffold will generate 3D plans which will automatically check for TG20 compliance and also make recommendations for adjustments if required. Adjustments can be quickly applied to the design as and when required.

metal scaffolding with chute

Contact East Devon Scaffolding Ltd

For further information regarding SMART Scaffolding 3D CAD design, do not hesitate to contact us Our head office is Based in Honiton; however, we serve customers throughout Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Our staff will be happy to explain the process in more detail and book a consultation.

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