Scaffolding Accessories

As well as providing a comprehensive range of domesticcommercial and industrial scaffolding erection services, we also supply a range of scaffolding accessories. Our accessories can help by making your project more productive.

Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes provide a quick and easy way to safely dispose of waste materials from a height. We supply and install high quality and hard-wearing chutes that can withstand heavy loads. When working with you to create a scaffold design, we will discuss the positioning of chutes and place them in locations which make your life easier. Additionally, over the course of the job, we can relocate chutes when necessary.


Debris Netting and Sheeting

Debris netting and plastic sheeting is required when the risk of accidental falling material is present. We supply and install various sizes of both plastic sheeting and netting to meet the customer’s requirements. Both sheeting and netting options are high strength and tear resistant. Additionally, there is a choice of colours.

Access Towers

Ideal for both internal and external use, access towers are the perfect solution for customers who require a secure platform in order to carry out renovation or construction work. Access towers are mobile and secure units, therefore, they are easily relocated into a new working area. We hire out access platforms on both long and short-term contracts.


Scaffolding Staircases

Scaffolding staircases are lightweight but strong steel stair structures. They provide safe and secure stairway access to scaffolding erections. They can also be used as a stand-alone stairway to provide access to hard to reach places.

Our scaffold stair towers are quick and easy to erect. Furthermore, safety is improved through non-slip stair treads and landing sections. We hire out staircase towers on both long and short-term contracts to meet our customers individual needs.



Lifting equipment is an essential scaffolding accessory. Lifting equipment enables safe and efficient movement of materials to and from scaffold structures. Here at East Devon Scaffolding Ltd, we supply and install a wide range of scaffold hoists and accessories which can handle differing weight limits. Contact us for more details.

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